What ‘Star-Crossed’ Season 2 would’ve been: Romery, Draylor and an Atrian invasion

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Just because “Star-Crossed” has joined the pantheon of short-lived shows we’ll lament losing and love forever doesn’t mean we can’t find out what would’ve happened next. Although a second season would’ve been ideal, Zap2it has the next best thing: An exclusive interview with creator Meredith Averill detailing everything that would’ve happened in Season 2 and beyond.

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Campaigns to Save Star-Crossed

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Stargazers have been hard at work campaigning to save Star-Crossed. Here is a Masterpost of everything we could find relating to Saving Star-Crossed. Please comment / tweet us if we missed anything!

CAMPAIGN – Saving Star-Crossed: Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

  • What is it? A Gofundme.com campaign to raise funds to send spaghetti to The CW. (Similar to the Jericho campaign.)
  • What can I do? Donate by visiting the Gofundme.com campaign here. Share the campaign on social networks (twitter, facebook, tumblr). Watch, like and share all media relating to the campaign.

PETITION – Renew Star-Crossed For A Second Season

  • What is it? A Change.org petition directed to The CW asking for a season 2 renewal. As of 23 May 2014, the petition has 24,587 signatures
  • What can I do? Make sure you, your family and friends have signed the petition. Share the petition on social networks (twitter, facebook, tumblr). Donate on Change.org here to promote the petition which raises awareness amongst other Change.org users.


After Cancellation

  1. Renew Star-Crossed (starstruckseries.com)

Before Cancellation

  1. Why The CW Should Renew Star-Crossed (screenfad.com)
  • What are they? Articles written by various blogs, tv sites, etc, encouraging The CW to Save Star-Crossed.
  • What can I do?  Comment, like and share the articles on social networks (twitter, facebook, tumblr).

OTHER MEDIA – Videos & Posters

(Need submissions – please comment / tweet us with any videos, images or posters that have been made to promote saving Star-Crossed.

  • What is it? Fan videos and art made to promote saving Star-Crossed.
  • What can I do? Watch and like the videos. Share them on social networks (twitter, facebook, tumblr). Share the poster on social networks (twitter, facebook, tumblr).

CONTACT – Write To The CW

  • What can I do? Send mail to The CW stating why you would like them to renew Star-Crossed.

Mailing Address

The CW Network
C/O Mark Pedowitz
3300 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

Twitter – Send Tweets to  &

  • What can I do? Send tweets directed to @CBS and @CBSTVStudios with the hastag #StarCrossed and messages such as @CBS @CBSTVStudios Please add #StarCrossed S2 to your summer programming / @CBS @CBSTVStudios Please pickup #StarCrossed for Season 2.

T-Shirts – Stargazers Against Cancer T-Shirt


  • What is it? Star-Crossed T-Shirts available for purchase. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.
  • What can I do? Purchase a T-Shirt. Tell your friends and family to purchase T-Shirts. Share on social networks (twitter, facebook, tumblr). * Note, orders are currently closed – however, if 14 more reservations are received orders will reopen.

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Thanks to everyone who has supported Star-Crossed over the past year. Also a huge thanks to everyone who visited the site, commented, tweeted, created edits and more, we are so grateful to our wonderful Stargazers! This site will be kept open as an archive for information on the show.

Interested in new CW shows? You can find the mods of Star-Crossed.TV at the following sites:

iZombie Fansite

The 100 Fansite

The Messengers Fansite

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Star-Crossed Series Finale Tonight

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Twitter Trend: Star-Crossed Series Finale

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Episode Preview: Star-Crossed 1.13 Passion Lends Them Power Producer’s Preview

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Mardi Gras will be a blast the Atrians won’t forget. Watch a preview with Executive Producer Meredith Averill and don’t miss the season finale of Star-Crossed Monday at 8/7c!

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