Spoilers: Round-up From WonderCon

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Spoiler Round-up from the cast interviews at WonderCon 2014 (18 April 2014).

All spoilers are available under the cut!

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Article: Star-Crossed Scoop – How Its Story Differs From Roswell

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For now, there also seems to be bit confusion amongst the genre fans. Based on general description alone, initial comments about STAR-CROSSED have been that it is a ROSWELL-clone or an attempt to continue the ROSWELL storyline without the original cast. But nothing is farther from the truth. STAR-CROSSED may have aliens and it may feature a romance between an Earth girl and an alien boy, but that is where the similarities end.

STAR-CROSSED is the tale of the growing pains of trying to assimilate another alien culture into the existing status quo. ROSWELL never even tried to broach that global topic. ROSWELL was all about aliens hiding amongst us. It made the assumption that humankind would never accept aliens as equals and it took great pains to make sure that very few humans ever even knew about the possibility of an alien species living out in the stars. ROSWELL simply presumed that mankind was just not ready for the reality of extraterrestrial life. It was about hiding and running.

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Spoilers: Season 1 – Cast Rumors

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Spoilers: On The Set of Star-Crossed with Dora Madison Burge [Video]

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WWL TV recently interviewed Holly O’Quin, who plays the stunt double for Star-Crossed’s Dora Madison Burge.  I have cut the video to display only Star-Crossed related segments which includes a short chat with Dora who plays Zoe. It also includes footage of a stunt which was filmed for Season 1 of Star-Crossed.

Please note: this video contains at least two MAJOR spoilers for Season 1.

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